Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ah December- One Stitch at a Time

Such a lovely month...It is so nice to have time off to enjoy the decorations...and eat all the goodies and visit with friends - FINISH PROJECTS. I am hoping to finish lots of project this week, but I think I need Eleanor Burns "Quilt in a Day" speed to finish all the nearly finished but somehow STILL not finished projects....but today I rescued the extra rooster block and figured out how to calculate the checkerboard border...(that is interesting for someone as Math Challenged as I am) but with a little trimming of the block, I got it to fit...now for the quilting and binding and off goes Mr. Rooster to my friend for a Christmas gift...
Stay tuned for the finished photo

So what is on the to be finished list:

1.The irish chain - the blocks are pieced and the borders need to go on:

2. The flannel lap quilt STILL needs backed and quilted - it has been aging gracefully since last January - oh dear :

3. The stars quilt STILL needs recalculated additional row of stars- it is in a stack of miscalculated frustration:

4. The wrap purses need finishing and handles

5. The Eiffel Tower Tote Bag/Purse needs constructed

6. The winter wallhanging needs one more snowflake and binding

Oh Dear - I am starting to get nauseous...how will I finish all these and get on to the new - - yeah yeah - I know - one stitch at a time...

Block in a Bag for December

I decided to try one of these "through the window" or "through the iron gate" ideas since the block for December was our own choice of patterns. The fabric provided was the floral which I fussy cut and rearranged to look like a garden of flowers, and the blue for background. An interesting technique and not too difficult except for cutting out the black...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting Ready for the Holidays

So here it is - -I am trying not to PANIC - - but Christmas is only 18 days away....and the to do list is enormous!!

Shopping - -it would be nice if I had a list with some ideas....
Baking - - Is it really necessary to bake 15 different kinds of cookies??? ---yes --- in my world -- it is!! I really should get started. I need several cans full by Thursday....Too bad I have to go to work everyday!

Decorating - - ok, that is NEARLY finished..The Christmas houses are all snuggled in the snow and lit...the candles are in place...and after several repairs on the vacuum cleaner - -all the needles are swept up.....I just cannot get the angel on top of the tree....you see - - the tree is too tall and touching the ceiling. I tried cutting the top with the sharpest thing I had - -a Bread knife....I have done this years past - - when no tools could be found - cut branches off the bottom of the tree with a knife...it isn't easy, but it CAN BE DONE. But not this tree top...no siree...it is a big thick branch and I CANNOT get the darn knife through it. So I sent the former Marine to borrow the tree trimmer. He forgot. So the tree is all decorated and naked at the top. Pitiful...

Did I mention the list of gifts to be sewn? I dare not --the sight of it would surely make me cry. Better get busy and fast....I could use some elves!

Meanwhile - -Taffy just sits and watches. She is ready for a stocking full of new chew toys and doggy treats. She will have to WAIT. I wish she could bake and shop!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taffy is so happy - - it's the Holiday Season!

(PSST - it's popcorn in the bottle that she is after)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

"When I'm worried
and I can't sleep
I count my blessings
instead of sheep
And I fall asleep
counting my blessings"
Lyrics: Bing Crosby - Count Your Blessings

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you Veterans

Today we honor tribute to those who served our country.
Thank you veterans and their families!
To those who served and came home
and those who did not...
We are grateful for their service!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Challenge Quilt - Mermaid


I am so happy - - I won a ribbon in our Quilt Guild's Challenge. The challenge was to create a quilt to represent the colors of the gift bag we drew at random. Quilts were judged on the basis of innovation, use of color, use of "frou frou" and viewers choice.

I haven't won anything like this before. And I must admit - I was really clueless on this process...though I have had the creation of this in my mind for quite some time in my continuous endeavor to be at the beach or be reminded of the beach. And - -I have never attached all these items to a quilt....I impaled my finger a few times trying to stitch through the quilt...so I am really happy that my mermaid was well received and WON a RIBBON!! My prize was a lovely stack of fall colored fat quarters!!

Who would be
A mermaid fair,
Singing alone,
Combing her hair
Under the sea,
In a golden curl
With a comb of pearl,
On a throne?
I would be a mermaid fair;
I would sing to myself the whole of the day;
With a comb of pearl I would comb my hair;
And still as I comb I would sing and say,
Who is it loves me? who loves not me?"
- Lord Alfred Tennyson, The Mermaid

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Balloon Rally

What a lovely day here for a Balloon Event!! There were 55 balloons scheduled to lift off this afternoon, but since the wind picked up some - -I don't think I counted that many...and since there were occasional gusts of winds, the lift off, instead of happening very quickly and simultanously, took nearly an hour - so it was a lovely view - a few here and there lifting off and slipping off over the tree tops.

I won a Balloon Ride when we first moved here..about 10 years ago....it is the most amazing experience. Like floating over a slowiy moving landscape...incredibly quiet and lovely. If you ever have a chance - - take a hot air balloon ride. Fabulous.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Where did September and most of October go?

Wow - I have been neglecting my blog.....But I have been working lots and sewing some. My latest endeavor is wrap purses...from the book It's a Wrap. This is a nice project to work on while watching tv - - wrap wrap glue wrap wrap wrap glue...Of course I have no idea what I will do when I get to the handles, and have to invent some sort of pockets for the inside....

If you haven't seen these - they are really lovely!!
I was at a Fiber and Quilting show recently and bought a wrap bowl that really wasn't wrapped. The creator did an amazing thing - she just stitched the clothes line and dyed it. CLEVER isn't it?
This one is a knitting and crocheting ribbon yarn. It wraps really nicely, and doesn't ravel like the fabric I used on the above...I think Batiks would be nice for this project - - less or no raveling...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude?

Well, It may not be a change in latitude, but it certainly is a change in attitude. This is the Block in a Bag for Sept. Yes - you read correctly - not due till the 4th Tuesday in Sept. And it is totally done. Theme - Chinese Lantern.

It feels good and also odd to have this done so far in advance.

So I did another block I want to just make into a tiny wallhanging.

Maybe I just need to get that out of the way early in the month so I feel free to work on other things?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I took my new baby to the beach

There is nothing quite like a convertible and the beach.....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Finished LoggyBunnies

I love Paris

Where oh where did July go? It flew by so fast - I think I missed it.
However - I did finish by block in a bag for July. The theme was travel. Well, the two places I really want to go are Paris and Italy - so Paris it is.....The fabric provided was so great - I hated to cut it....and I am so glad I made one block out of another fabric for myself - -now I am not sure WHAT I will do with it - but I have it:
(Is that a quilter/fabric lover statement or what?)
This is the Sample.
This is the submitted block and fabric closeups:

Sunday, August 3, 2008

So - Christmas in July was great fun....I made several great purchases. Here are some of the things I made to sell.... I made several of these aprons,

a crayon and coloring book bag,
This lovely apron, a bunch of these square pincushions
and these really funny cupcake pincushions.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Just when I think I am going to be ahead of the game....

New projects pop up. Our quilt guild is having a Christmas in July sale....so we have been encouraged to make items to offer for a suggested donation to raise money for our next guild show - we need quilt stands....so of course instead of working on my block for this month - I am making aprons and pincushions and who knows what else.

Also - I had to hurry up and quilt the loggybunnies since the baby was born last week. I got to see her today....well I could sorta see her - - I stayed up till 4 am finishing the binding...so my eyes are RATHER TIRED...but she is a lovely perfect little baby girl...and Mom and Dad are doing well and proud as punch....and they liked the quilt...One of these days - I am going to keep track of the hours I spent on a project....no that is probably as bad of an idea as when I started keeping track of my spending. Well, actually that was a good thing - I became less wasteful..and more conscious of what I was spending. Ok, maybe it is as bad as when I figured out what I make /hour if I work at home every evening like I used to do....THAT WAS DISGUSTING......

So - coming up - -photos of the finished baby quilt - - I hope I got all the extra threads off and the pins out.....and some aprons, pincushions and who knows what else.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Roosters Rule

Chicken/Rooster Theme for Block in a Bag......
I searched and searched for rooster patterns similar to a ceramic rooster I saw on a catalog......and then tried to mush together a few different images - - a whole 'nother month of researching ......

My son's idea for the chicken theme was to skip looking for a chicken or rooster pattern - -and make a cow...I am not sure what he is talking about....and then he says - you know - like the chick-fil-a cow saying "eat more chicken." A funny idea but I wasn't sure it would fly with the block recipient....so back to searching for more chickens..roosters.....

Finally I found a reasonable pattern and cut it out, fused it on, stitched around it with regular thread and didn't like that at all.

Started over and used invisible thread...which I have never used. I never liked that shiny look the stitches gave off....but it was better than the regular thread that didn't match. Of course there were many minutes of adjusting the tension for the invisible thread and the bobbin thread to work together properly....changing the needle.....

Yes, I am growing and learning....but would someone remind me WHY I signed up for this stressful activity?????

So here they are......cockadoodledoo.....

Friday, June 27, 2008

Why is this Chicken Music Playing??????

The chickens are coming.......

I have neglected my blog....

but that's ok.................Don't Worry - Be Happy!!

Yes, I have not been attending to my blog. A combination of stressful and damanding work schedule (is that a freudian slip?? - dam manding - instead of demanding.....oh dear)
and one very happy event.....

My son is now out of the Marine corps...and home. Those years sure did fly by it seems now - though it didn't seem like it while he was in Iraq....It is so great having him here. He is such a funny guy. I forgot that. He is so happy to be free to choose what to do - and has spent a lot of time fixing and repairing things here at the house - - taking me with him everywhere he goes - -we spend time laughing together at Walmart and Lowes and grocery stores....Yes - this big guy being home requires a LOT more cooking than I had been doing. I forgot how much I liked cooking though - so that has been great. Lots of his friends always coming and going - - so the need for food and beverage is always great. The hours are usually much later than I have been keeping...but there is a smile on my face....so why worry about being tired.

I have some hilarious stories I will be sharing about some of the fun we are having....to come.....

Did I mention there are now weapons everywhere? Yes, yes...we are now well protected.

(Sssshhhh - his quilt however - that I started when he left - - still isn't done...oh dear. No matter - too hot for quilts right now.)

Missing - Block in a Bag 4 Month of May

I must apologize, and I have regrets regarding block in a bag 4...the house block....it was actually my favorite of all the ones I have done so far......and I forgot to take a picture of it.

The recipient made a point to thank me for such a lovely block - so I was proud. Maybe I am getting better at this.....with the exception of still researching ideas all month - - and then a mad dash to finish it the weekend/night before it is due.

Actually, I was still stitching around the windows of the house the afternoon of the guild meeting...so obviously I am getting worse about getting it done in advance....

It was really lovely - - so I took a picture of the pattern, just to give you an idea.... And actually my block looked a good bit like this one. I did use a stony fabric for the house - but I left off the date above the door.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Block in a Bag # 3- Theme: Baskets

Well here it is.... Remember last month when I said I was NOT waiting till the last minute to finish this month's block in a bag. HA. Did it again. Knew I only had the handle to finish - and again experimenting with what I wanted to do. That was delayed because I was going to create dimensional flowers for in the basket - - - well - that didn't happen - - since we only get 3 fabrics and I wasn't sure what color scheme would go with the 3 I got - beige, green and brown. And also - I would like to figure out how to do a braided handle - or a twisted handle - - Any suggestions? But finally just went ahead and stitched flowers and finished the handle in a normal manner. I once recall being shown some trick for bias strips and applique - but forgot that as well...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Look what bloomed in my garden today!! I thought I had wasted my money on this peony several years ago - cause nothing ever grew - - until this year. I am so happy!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Block in a Bag #2

Procrastination is truly detrimental to the enjoyment of creating....in other words, waiting till the day before to construct block #2 does NOT make the event a happy one.

Someone please remind me why I signed up for this activity - - oh yes, I wanted to create learning opportunities...oh now I see - what an enormous amount I have learned in creating block #2.

  1. If you wait till the last minute -multitudes of interruptions will occur to interfere with the amount of time you THOUGHT you had.
  2. Searching through many patterns and deciding which one without measuring it out - may result in an idea that won't fit the confines of the Block Activity - and you will have NO MORE TIME to look at patterns.
  3. Probably best to start with the requirements with regard to finished size and design down, rather than have a design idea, and while sketching it out at the last minute - you find the design doesn't fit.
  4. Method of creation needs to be explored and practiced prior to the last minute - otherwise you waste a bunch of fabric trying techniques that you aren't very good at and
  5. Finally - start early - create a sample - leave time for errors and getting HELP!!

So here it is - the Tea Party Block. Not at all what I had originally intended -but completed barely 5 hours prior to the meeting. PHEW!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

The Tale of the Irish Chain

Long long ago there was a bedroom in a home with the most beautiful cabbage rose wallpaper on the walls. A young maiden bought this lovely fabric for a quilt for that home. She knew she wanted it to be an Irish Chain because she had admired a similar quilt made with the large blocks of the irish chain done in floral fabric. And it was sooo lovely.
Many many years later that maiden and her stash of fabric - having survived a divorce, then a 400 mile move and then 5 local moves later - realized that fabric lay uncut - in a clear container in the front of the garage where the maiden now parks her vehicle. Every day when she backed out and every day when she pulled in - she saw that fabric for the Irish Chain quilt. For many many days. One day - she decided - even though she no longer had the lovely wallpaper and room - that it was TIME for the fabric to reach its destiny. It was meant to be an Irish Chain Quilt. It was not meant for the garage or the yard sale pile. It has begun its journey to becoming an Irish Chain Quilt. How much longer will it be before the journey is complete and the quilt is resting on the bed? This is only the beginning...

The Moral of the Story is - Some patterns and fabrics it seems - just need lots of time to gel before they actually start to become ANYTHING.

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