Friday, June 27, 2008

I have neglected my blog....

but that's ok.................Don't Worry - Be Happy!!

Yes, I have not been attending to my blog. A combination of stressful and damanding work schedule (is that a freudian slip?? - dam manding - instead of demanding.....oh dear)
and one very happy event.....

My son is now out of the Marine corps...and home. Those years sure did fly by it seems now - though it didn't seem like it while he was in Iraq....It is so great having him here. He is such a funny guy. I forgot that. He is so happy to be free to choose what to do - and has spent a lot of time fixing and repairing things here at the house - - taking me with him everywhere he goes - -we spend time laughing together at Walmart and Lowes and grocery stores....Yes - this big guy being home requires a LOT more cooking than I had been doing. I forgot how much I liked cooking though - so that has been great. Lots of his friends always coming and going - - so the need for food and beverage is always great. The hours are usually much later than I have been keeping...but there is a smile on my why worry about being tired.

I have some hilarious stories I will be sharing about some of the fun we are come.....

Did I mention there are now weapons everywhere? Yes, yes...we are now well protected.

(Sssshhhh - his quilt however - that I started when he left - - still isn't done...oh dear. No matter - too hot for quilts right now.)

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amandajean said...

how wonderful to have your son back. I can't imagine how thrilled you must be!

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