Sunday, January 27, 2008

Here come bloggy bunnies - I mean loggy bunnies -

The other day while browsing blogs - I was so amazed at the clever names for some of the knitting blog sites - really clever, cute, I wish I could think of one of those to name this quilt - but maybe a quilt doesn't need a name. It just needs to be finished?

1. So here is how One Piece of Bunny Fabric becomes - a quilt. So - you take some fabric you already own - I don't even remember WHY I bought bunny fabric - I have had it ever so long - it seems to have even reproduced, cause I also have other pieces of bunny fabric I don't remember buying...
2. You cut some strips and piece some logs 3. Then you arrange the logs and VOILA - - - -bloggy lunnies?

Well - - - Maybe it is log bunnies - I don't know - but the Baby Quilt for My Marine's friends baby is all pieced...

Monday, January 21, 2008

A revelation - Goodbye B problems

This morning - I woke up and looked for a while at the 2 finished wallhangings in my room. I realized that progress has been made. Life sometimes goes by so quickly - we don't have time to applaud the little episodes of progress and growth. But there it is, My Little Quilt Sampler - made from scraps of garments from my then little girl (now 21) and it is finished.

Actually I see now that it has been hanging long enough to start to stretch, it needs to come down for a while I suppose. So today - I have to say - It is so nice to finally be beyond some of the b problems that plagued me in my first few years of quilting. I took this class to make a sampler for my first quilt. It had a pieced border. I was new to quilting. The border had thousands of little squares. It did not fit when I got to the point of attaching it. I was out of matching fabric. It is still in a box somewhere in storage land of my sister's house or my aunt's house in another state. I need to relocate it....cause I have finally gotten beyond the border -itis. I think. For many quilts after that - I never could get the border on - or finish the quilt. It was a b block. I would get that far and it wasn't quilter ADD (attention deficit disorder- and the continuous distraction of a new pattern - new fabric - new idea) that drove me away from finishing it and on to another problem - it was fear of not finishing it Right. Once a wise man asked me - why do you think it is that you don't finish things. I responded - because I am afraid it isn't going to be done right. And he then asked - How many right ways are there to do something. To which I wrongly replied - ONE. It has taken me years to learn how many right ways there are and to start to let go of always trying to do it some ONE RIGHT Way. This perfectionist attitude would amaze my highly organized extremely productive sister who always described me as a creative slob. Then came another sampler quilt - that had bowtie blocks in the last border. oh oh - - I couldn't get those bowties constructed for the life of me. I was just too afraid I didn't know the RIGHT way to do them. I researched the many different ways to create them until I never did. Well, almost never did, cause on the way across from my bed, hangs the finished sampler - bowties and all. Now bindings - I must admit are the last b challenge still hanging around in my life. I recently finished a quilt that had been waiting for Backing (oh yes, another b problem.....what is the right backing - should it match - should it not. etc and etc. More worrying - less finishing) and finished it in a hurry to try and get it into our quilt guild's show. I did not. The binding at the corners was so uncooperative. So fellow bloggers.....seeing posts from others who manage to get beyond their fears - whether it be of b things or something else - is so encouraging to me - and so I say - thank you!!! Thank you for sharing your photos and ideas and gently guiding me into feeling it is ok to not quite know if it is RIGHT, but finish it anyway.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Flannel on a Snowy Day

Nothing like sewing flannel on a snowy day. Or curling up under a flannel quilt on a snowy day. OOPS - watch out for those pins. This one is not finished yet - but getting close - thanks to having a snow day to work on it....Found this adorable polar bear panel and snowy print flannel....Won't this be an adorable lap quilt?

One more border to go and then quilt and binding.

Taffy already likes it!

Sewing on a Snow Day

So - what to sew on a snow day - - Never mind being distracted by having to walk in the snow - yes - we must walk in the snow. It may be the only snow we see here in 2008. Walking the dog in the snow is another thing. Cocker spaniel hair gets really wet in the snow. And then clumps up. And then takes forever to dry - - so now I get to sew to the aroma of wet dog hair...

So - for many years I have had this booklet of patterns from my sewing buddy Denise for these small calendar quilt wallhangings - one for each month. Sewing Buddy Denise is more of a finisher than I - and finished her whole year's worth. Me - I just kep moving that pattern around - - BUT not this year. This is my year to make what I have been contemplating making and FINISH it. So - January and February got finished today. I don't care for the pattern for March -so if you have any ideas to share....let me know. March...Shamrocks...pots of gold....leprechauns...daffodils....

Keep Summer even when it Snows.

The Flamingo in the flower bed seems a little out of place in snow doesn't he? I have just got to always have that bit of summer present though.
My camellia doesn't mind the snow - it is blooming away!!

It's a Snow Day

Don't you just LOVE Snow Days? They are so rare here - but satisfying nonetheless - an opportunity to stay in all day and do NOTHING that is required - - you can stay in your pjs if you want. Have hot chocolate. Watch movies. Oh yes - and what else - SEW!!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Welcome to my Blog. I hope to hear from lots of quilters. We have so much to share!!

This is one of the many star quilts in progress. This one is for my son serving in the Marine Corp. It needs another border of stars and another border of red and white stripes....quilting and binding.

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