Sunday, January 27, 2008

Here come bloggy bunnies - I mean loggy bunnies -

The other day while browsing blogs - I was so amazed at the clever names for some of the knitting blog sites - really clever, cute, I wish I could think of one of those to name this quilt - but maybe a quilt doesn't need a name. It just needs to be finished?

1. So here is how One Piece of Bunny Fabric becomes - a quilt. So - you take some fabric you already own - I don't even remember WHY I bought bunny fabric - I have had it ever so long - it seems to have even reproduced, cause I also have other pieces of bunny fabric I don't remember buying...
2. You cut some strips and piece some logs 3. Then you arrange the logs and VOILA - - - -bloggy lunnies?

Well - - - Maybe it is log bunnies - I don't know - but the Baby Quilt for My Marine's friends baby is all pieced...


NanaK said...

Whatever you name it, this is an adorable quilt! Love the colors and of course LOVE bunnies. Maybe LogaBun, BunnaLog?

HobbyMommy said...

Looks great!! Congrats on finishing!! Hurray!

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