Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cookie Search

Ok Quilters - I am on a search for a cookie recipe. This recipe I tasted at a bakery and it was the best peanut butter cookie ever. Unfortunately - the bakery is no longer in business. I can't imagine why....we surely haven't cut carbs enough to put a bakery out of business have we???

Anyway - this peanut butter cookie was moist and almost flakey - with peanuts in it. Don't think that it was crunchy peanut butter because the nuts were large.

Anyone want to volunteer up a recipe like that? It would make me SEW Happy!!

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HobbyMommy said...

Crazymom Quilts has a crazy mom cooks blog and here are some PB coookies that are really good and easy. We use chunky PB and add choc chips.

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