Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sewing on a Snow Day

So - what to sew on a snow day - - Never mind being distracted by having to walk in the snow - yes - we must walk in the snow. It may be the only snow we see here in 2008. Walking the dog in the snow is another thing. Cocker spaniel hair gets really wet in the snow. And then clumps up. And then takes forever to dry - - so now I get to sew to the aroma of wet dog hair...

So - for many years I have had this booklet of patterns from my sewing buddy Denise for these small calendar quilt wallhangings - one for each month. Sewing Buddy Denise is more of a finisher than I - and finished her whole year's worth. Me - I just kep moving that pattern around - - BUT not this year. This is my year to make what I have been contemplating making and FINISH it. So - January and February got finished today. I don't care for the pattern for March -so if you have any ideas to share....let me know. March...Shamrocks...pots of gold....leprechauns...daffodils....

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