Monday, July 7, 2008

Just when I think I am going to be ahead of the game....

New projects pop up. Our quilt guild is having a Christmas in July we have been encouraged to make items to offer for a suggested donation to raise money for our next guild show - we need quilt of course instead of working on my block for this month - I am making aprons and pincushions and who knows what else.

Also - I had to hurry up and quilt the loggybunnies since the baby was born last week. I got to see her today....well I could sorta see her - - I stayed up till 4 am finishing the my eyes are RATHER TIRED...but she is a lovely perfect little baby girl...and Mom and Dad are doing well and proud as punch....and they liked the quilt...One of these days - I am going to keep track of the hours I spent on a that is probably as bad of an idea as when I started keeping track of my spending. Well, actually that was a good thing - I became less wasteful..and more conscious of what I was spending. Ok, maybe it is as bad as when I figured out what I make /hour if I work at home every evening like I used to do....THAT WAS DISGUSTING......

So - coming up - -photos of the finished baby quilt - - I hope I got all the extra threads off and the pins out.....and some aprons, pincushions and who knows what else.

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HobbyMommy said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

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