Saturday, October 25, 2008

Balloon Rally

What a lovely day here for a Balloon Event!! There were 55 balloons scheduled to lift off this afternoon, but since the wind picked up some - -I don't think I counted that many...and since there were occasional gusts of winds, the lift off, instead of happening very quickly and simultanously, took nearly an hour - so it was a lovely view - a few here and there lifting off and slipping off over the tree tops.

I won a Balloon Ride when we first moved here..about 10 years is the most amazing experience. Like floating over a slowiy moving landscape...incredibly quiet and lovely. If you ever have a chance - - take a hot air balloon ride. Fabulous.

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HobbyMommy said...

I remember that! Didn't you also go on a balloon chase once? Pretty pictures; thanks for sharing.

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