Monday, October 20, 2008

Where did September and most of October go?

Wow - I have been neglecting my blog.....But I have been working lots and sewing some. My latest endeavor is wrap purses...from the book It's a Wrap. This is a nice project to work on while watching tv - - wrap wrap glue wrap wrap wrap glue...Of course I have no idea what I will do when I get to the handles, and have to invent some sort of pockets for the inside....

If you haven't seen these - they are really lovely!!
I was at a Fiber and Quilting show recently and bought a wrap bowl that really wasn't wrapped. The creator did an amazing thing - she just stitched the clothes line and dyed it. CLEVER isn't it?
This one is a knitting and crocheting ribbon yarn. It wraps really nicely, and doesn't ravel like the fabric I used on the above...I think Batiks would be nice for this project - - less or no raveling...

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HobbyMommy said...

Very nice! I've been waiting to see this project!! What are you working on today?

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