Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Block in a Bag #2

Procrastination is truly detrimental to the enjoyment of creating....in other words, waiting till the day before to construct block #2 does NOT make the event a happy one.

Someone please remind me why I signed up for this activity - - oh yes, I wanted to create learning opportunities...oh now I see - what an enormous amount I have learned in creating block #2.

  1. If you wait till the last minute -multitudes of interruptions will occur to interfere with the amount of time you THOUGHT you had.
  2. Searching through many patterns and deciding which one without measuring it out - may result in an idea that won't fit the confines of the Block Activity - and you will have NO MORE TIME to look at patterns.
  3. Probably best to start with the requirements with regard to finished size and design down, rather than have a design idea, and while sketching it out at the last minute - you find the design doesn't fit.
  4. Method of creation needs to be explored and practiced prior to the last minute - otherwise you waste a bunch of fabric trying techniques that you aren't very good at and
  5. Finally - start early - create a sample - leave time for errors and getting HELP!!

So here it is - the Tea Party Block. Not at all what I had originally intended -but completed barely 5 hours prior to the meeting. PHEW!!


HobbyMommy said...

It looks great! Love it! Love it Love it!! Will this be a lesson learned???? HA!

Anonymous said...

The teapot block is very cute! I love the fabrics you used they are perfect.

Michelle said...

This block is adorable! I love everything about it. Where'd you get the pattern?

Kristin said...

I adore the block and the colors! Your determination paid off even though your procrastination got you into the hot water to begin with. pun intended.

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