Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Block in a Bag # 3- Theme: Baskets

Well here it is.... Remember last month when I said I was NOT waiting till the last minute to finish this month's block in a bag. HA. Did it again. Knew I only had the handle to finish - and again experimenting with what I wanted to do. That was delayed because I was going to create dimensional flowers for in the basket - - - well - that didn't happen - - since we only get 3 fabrics and I wasn't sure what color scheme would go with the 3 I got - beige, green and brown. And also - I would like to figure out how to do a braided handle - or a twisted handle - - Any suggestions? But finally just went ahead and stitched flowers and finished the handle in a normal manner. I once recall being shown some trick for bias strips and applique - but forgot that as well...


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Very nice you have done a great job.

Valerie said...

This is just beautiful.

Suzie said...

Your blocks are neat!
Actually, your blog is very nice!
You can find some good tips about applique in this book "The new applique sampler" from Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins.
Have a nice week!

SewAmy said...

omg, I love, love, love this block.

Niki said...

I have a new quilter's list if you'd like to join, we'd love 2 have you

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