Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thorns and roses

This quilt is called Thorns and Roses. The roses are my 3 children.
The Thorns are the divorce and difficult times throughout the years. I cannot believe how far back I had to go to find where I started piecing the blocks
and wrote about the beginnings of this quilt: February 2008.

When I wrote:

Long long ago there was a bedroom in a home with the most beautiful cabbage rose wallpaper on the walls. A young maiden bought this lovely fabric for a quilt for that home. She knew she wanted it to be an Irish Chain because she had admired a similar quilt made with the large blocks of the irish chain done in floral fabric. And it was sooo lovely. Many many years later that maiden and her stash of fabric - having survived a divorce, then a 400 mile move and then 5 local moves later - realized that fabric lay uncut - in a clear container in the front of the garage where the maiden now parks her vehicle. Every day when she backed out and every day when she pulled in - she saw that fabric for the Irish Chain quilt. For many many days. One day - she decided - even though she no longer had the lovely wallpaper and room - that it was TIME for the fabric to reach its destiny. It was meant to be an Irish Chain Quilt. It was not meant for the garage or the yard sale pile. It has begun its journey to becoming an Irish Chain Quilt. How much longer will it be before the journey is complete and the quilt is resting on the bed? This is only the beginning... The local quilt show rents time on their long arm machine. Here you can see Thorns and Roses on the long arm and the pattern that you follow to create the quilting. It is so much fun to quilt this way!
I used a solid back so you can see the beautiful feather design I quilted into the quilt.
The Moral of the Story is - Some patterns and fabrics it seems - just need lots of time to gel before they actually start to become ANYTHING.

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Beautiful Quilt!

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